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by Slackmaster Stan on April 13, 2007, 03:09:06 PM
What is a Honda Rebel?

Honda started selling the Rebel in the US market in 1985 in two sizes the 250 and the 450. The Rebel is a "Harley" styled cruiser in a small form factor. Many consider this a great starter bike due to its combination of small size, good value, and cruiser styling. Though it does make a great starter bike, it doesn't mean that is its only purpose. Once again it has good style and a small form factor which is great for those with a smaller inseam.

  • 1985-1987, 1996-2005 250 Rebel (CMX250C)
  • 1985-1987 450 Rebel (CMX450C)
  • 1986-1986 250 Rebel Deluxe (CMX250CD)

The 85-87 250 models are somewhat different from the 1996 and later models. In addition the 450 models are somewhat different than the 250 models.

The '86 only Rebel 250 Deluxe, is mechanically the same as the non Deluxe model, but only came in Black, with some interesting custom paint style decals on the tank and many of the trim pieces are gold plated instead of chrome. These include the speedometer trim, headlight trim, valve cover, carb throttle cover, engine side cover plugs, and possibly more.

What is the seat height?

Saddle height is 26.6 inches. In additiont he bike is reasonably narrow. Great for riders of smaller stature.

What colors are available?

The available colors change for each year of manufacture. Here is a list of colors that were available through 2000:

CMC250C Rebel:
1985: Candy Supreme Red, Pearl Stellar Black.
1986: Pearl Stellar Black, Candy Eiger Blue.
1987: Black, Candy Wineberry Red.
1996: Magna Red.
1997: Black/Enamel Cream, Pearl Shinning Yellow/White.
1999: Black.
2000: Black.

CMX250C2 Rebel:
1999: Candy Glory Red/Black
2000: Pearl Halcyon Silver/Black

CMX250CD Rebel:
1986: Pearl Stellar Black.

CMX450C Rebel:
1986: Black, Monte Rosa Silver Metallic.
1987: Black, Candy Glory Red

What is the best helmet?

This is a good article on the state of motorcycle helmet protection and the various standards such as DOT, Snell, etc.

Where can I find accessories?

Jack's Rebel Catalog is geared towards accessories for the Honda Rebel. In addition Jack also runs a Rebel salvage yard. So if you needs parts or accessories contact Jack.

How to change the oil?

Check out this link for instructions on a 250 rebel.

Gas mileage?

Mileage varies depending on condition of bike, riding enviroments etc. Most people should average about 60 mpg though 55-80 seems to be the common range.

What are the shift points

From the '01 CMX250C Owner Manual:

Recommended Shift Points
Ride in the highest gear that lets the engine run and accelerate smoothly. This
will give you good fuel economy and effective emissions control. When
changing gears under normal conditions, use these recommended shift points:

Shifting Up:
From 1st to 2nd: 12 mph (20 km/h)
From 2nd to 3rd: 19 mph (30 km/h)
From 3rd to 4th: 25 mph (40 km/h)
From 4th to 5th: 31 mph (50 km/h)

Shifting Down:
From 5th to 4th: 22 mph (35 km/h)
From 4th to 3rd: 16 mph (25 km/h)

Pull the clutch lever in when speed drops below 9 mph (15 km/h), when engine
roughness is evident, or when engine stalling is imminent; and shift down to 1st
gear for acceleration.

What online communities are available



Pending Questions

What size saddlebags?

What size tires?

Long distance riding?

What type of oil?

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