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August 31, 2015, 08:46:46 AM

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by Slackmaster Stan

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and looking for a concealed handgun class to satisfy the requirements of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) concealed handgun license, I would highly recommend the class instructed by Anthony Davey of Choctaw. He provides great instruction, includes semi-automatic firearm rental and ammunition in his fees.

Oklahoma State Law provides for citizens to carry a concealed handgun upon being issued a Concealed Weapon License from the Oklahoma State Bureu or Investigations (OSBI). Information on the application and licensing procedures can be found on the the OSBI website:

Part of the requirements is a CLEET certified SDA specific training and safety class. There are several places around Oklahoma City that offer classes. A complete list of certified instructors for the state can also be found on the OSBI website above. The course includes classroom training and range training using a firearm.

The total costs vary, but the training itself is limited by state law to a maximum of $60 and this is often the amount charged. In addition there may be other costs associated with the training such as firearm rental (if required), ammunition, targets, hearing and eye protection. In general all OSBI certified training will cover the same CLEET specified minimum requirements. Each instruction/school obviously can add additional value to that by reduced pricing, additional included materials or additional training.

The training I received by Anthony Davey included the all of the required CLEET training and extras including firearm, eye protection, ear protection, targets and ammunition for one low price of $35. Though I believe his “regular” price is $50. My class started at 9am on Saturday and was scheduled for 8 hours of training. We received plenty of rest breaks and an hour lunch break. You will need to contact him directly for cost and class scheduling.

The venue for my class was the Comfort Suites off of Mustang Road and I-40 in Yukon, and the shooting range was about 6 miles further West at the Canadian Valley Pistol and Rifle Range (aka Banner road range) near El Reno. The venue is also subject to change. I know that in the past classes have been offered in the Nicoma Park/Choctaw area. Once again contact him directly for more information.

If you are looking great training at an for a great value I would highly recommend Anthony Davey SDA class. Also if you are just “thinking” about a concealed weapon permit, but are not sure. It is hard to go wrong at the price. You will receive useful knowledge and experience and your training certificate does not expire, so you can choose to get your license now, later, or never. Some trainers (see H&H below) expect you to be familiar with your handgun and discourage those unfamiliar with handguns from attending. Anthony appears to be the opposite. He covers all basics of using the handguns that he provides and does not expect you to be knowledgeable in their use. He only expects that you are safe and follow instructions.

For more information please contact Anthony Davey:
Phone: 405-818-7904
Email: a.davey@cox.net

There were also some other unexpected extras for the class. A nice selection of conceal carry firearms and holsters were available for handling. A photographer was brought in to optionally take the required passport photos. After the qualifying was done at the range, the lanes were open for the students to shoot what they brought. I know I had looked at other classes in the OKC area, primarily at H&H. I am sure the training is top notch. I believe they have a lawyer participate in the class to help with questions related to the SDA. This could definitely be a benefit. They also have the convenience of being centrally located and the ability to walk to the range from the classroom instead of drive.

H&H does not include the firearms or ammunition in the training, though rental weapons and ammunition are always available at H&H. Since they sell guns, you can always buy one while you are there. They specifically indicate that their conceal carry class is not a beginner handgun course and that you must be familiar with your handgun.

I do highly recommend H&H for their indoor shooting range. I try to get there at least once a week as they about 2 minutes away from my day job.

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